The Diamond.

A sharp pain at the back of his cranium pierced his head. His blurry vision did not allow him to make sense of the four hooded figures standing near him. The view of the starry sky, it was an indication that he was lying upon his back, but strangely, he could not feel the surface he was lying on. As his senses slowly began to return, he realized that there was nothing under him. He was floating mid air. The feel of a warm liquid running on his belly, it was the first since he felt as he slowly realized that he was not dreaming.

As his fuzzy vision became clear, Jennifer’s voice sent chills throughout his body.

“You are finally awakening my lord. It is about time. We have been waiting for a few hours, soon it shall be daylight. We must finish the ceremony before dawn.”

With a floating motion, she moved towards the three hooded female figures that had been standing a few feet away.

“It is time.” She said.

The three figures moved around him in a circle, and with their hands raised up in the air, began chanting in a language he couldn’t understand.

“I believe I owe you an explanation! If you aren’t already remembered what has happened.” She said as she approached him.

“I remember we were sitting in my living room. We talked about the expedition, and you agreed to help.”

“Aha!!! Yes!!! The expedition. But do you remember who are you? Do you remember what the expedition was about?”

She paused for a few moments waiting for an answer. He remained silent.

“Let me remind you. Your name is Raphael, and you are looking for the Regalia diamond that was stolen from the Queens Crown two years ago. What you don’t know is, that diamond, it’s a special diamond. Lucifer himself has blessed it, to bring beauty, youth, and power to whoever possesses it. For the diamond to work, first, it has to be dressed in the blood from the heart of the healer angel. If you’re guessing, that’s where you come to play, you are correct. Raphael! As you see, you are not aware of who you really are, and if it weren’t for me, you would not be for another three years.”

Suddenly, it all made sense. His strange dreams and his desire to become a doctor; his abilities to heal all diseases that made him famous as the miracle doctor, and his uncontrollable urge to help find the diamond.

He felt a sharp pain as the witch pressed the open wound on his chest to fill with his blood the chalice she was holding.

“Yes! Now I remember.” He said. “I also remember the fine print on the prophecy.”

“What fine print? I’ve read the prophecy several times. I don’t remember any fine print.” Jennifer said with a trembling voice.

“In order for the diamond to open the gates of hell and grand beauty, and power. The Archangel must be fully aware of his purpose, and that can only happen at the age of thirty-three, the age of Jesus. Otherwise, it will not work. You are three years earlier.”

A bright beam of light descended from heaven and released him from the witch’s spell. The four witches fell on the ground as the dark powers that controlled them lifted from their bodies and dissented in the depths of hell.

Two days later, the news was making a buzz, every newspaper, tabloid, and news broadcast headlined that the lost Royal Diamond was sent to the Queen by anonymous mail.

The same night, Raphael with his friends stopped by the club Jewels where a new act just opened and watched Jennifer performing a striptease singing. A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are the girl’s best friend…

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