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The Diamond.

A sharp pain at the back of his cranium pierced his head. His blurry vision did not allow him to make sense of the four hooded figures standing near him. The view of the starry sky, it was an indication that he was lying upon his back, but strangely, he could not feel the surface […]

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The Malediction Legacy

® THE MALEDICTION LEGACY (Supernatural Police Thriller) By Dean Steven Nichols Synopsis Elissa Ashlynn Harlow, a rational NY Police detective, investigates a murder. Though the crime, committed in a busy subway during rush hour, except a drunken homeless man who insists an Indian is the killer, and a mysterious feather in the victim’s mouth, she […]

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The Redeemer.

It was a long time ago, but not long enough to forget. It all started the day I turned eighteen. Eighteen and life, my mother Beth, used to say. I remember that beautiful, sunny November morning. I jumped out of bed, and I opened my bedroom window. The refreshing winter breeze rushed into my room. […]

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The Night Horror Died

PROLOGUE Lawrence Drayton, a thirty-year-old free spirited, independent journalist. Born in Manchester England, had moved to the United States in search of the story that would give him the opportunity to stand out from the crowd as a successful journalist. The mystery of the cruise ship the Caribbean Queen; captured his attention. For the last […]

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The leaf blower sounded loudly, but it was a welcomed distraction for Sarah, who had been reading, her grandma’s diary nonstop. It had been one year since she inherited the big house. After her separation with Toby, she had lost her enthusiasm. She was a warrior, but she allowed herself to become the victim of […]

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The Man with the White Dog

The fifty-year-old Lauren; single mother of the twenty five-year-old Trevor, A rebel who had spent his life in and out of jail since he was ten years old. Thief and a rapist, who never held a job in his life, just finished unpacking the last box when Trevor walks in the house. “So this is […]

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Half Moon Inn

Every morning at six, I used to walk down the grand staircases, which lead to the lobby. I could not help it remembering the happy days of growing up into what it was. Half Moon Inn. My great grandfather built the place as his home. Early 1950’s, my family rented the extra rooms. Because of […]

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